Rock Studded

W e d n e s d a y ,  S e p t e m b e r  2 0 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Clutch, Similar Clutch // Ruffle Top // Jegging // Wedges (on sale!) 

As fall rolls on in, I am becoming more and more drawn to mustard. (Revolutionary, I know). When I saw this studded clutch in mustard a few months ago, I knew it needed to be added to my handbag arsenal, and that it would be put to use come fall. It joined me in New York for fashion week, and ended up being the perfect size to carry all my essentials! Not to mention the studded details add just the right touch of edge for a person who has a wardrobe comprised of soft hues and shapes.

These shoes are also a transitional staple! I wear them from spring to early fall; they go with literally everything. Not to mention, the wedge version is on SALE!

Have a great Wednesday dolls!

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Strutting in Soho for New York Fashion Week

M o n d a y ,  S e p t e m b e r  1 8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Similar Top // Denim // Booties // Bag // Similar Hat // Lip Color is Stila in “Beso”

Happy Monday ladies! Today was one of those days that I hit the snooze button more times than I care to admit.. although I am not super energized in the morning, I usually set my alarm 10-15 min earlier than I want to be up and moving and I get up diligently according to that. But this morning.. an hour later I rolled on out of bed. But hey we all have those mornings every now and again!

Today I wanted to share one of the two looks I wore to NYFW last weekend, as well as answer a few questions I’ve been asked about NYFW!

1) When is New York Fashion Week?

NYFW happens twice a year, once in September and once in February! The September shows consist of designers’ spring collections, while February consists of fall.

2) How many shows did you go to?

Emily, my mom and I only went to three shows total over the weekend. However we could have gone to more over the weekend and during the week! We all have work during the week so we were only able to make it for weekend shows. The three of us also wanted to have time to grab lunch and shop around, so we didn’t go to shows back to back!

3) Which designers did you see?

On Saturday night we saw Mac Duggal’s show; the venue was an old synagogue and it was BEAUTIFUL. The dresses he showed were gorgeous as well; think breathtaking, flowey, and oh so spring. On Sunday we saw Francesca Liberatore and Dan Liu; both shows were awesome but I have to say I was blown away by the Dan Liu show. The music was almost like beats mixed in with ocean sounds, think seagulls and waves! His designs looked more ready to wear while still being stunning and elegant, which I loved.

4) Where did you stay in the city?

Back in February Emily and I stayed at City Rooms Soho, however fall fashion week is MUCH more popular so hotel prices were a smidge out of our budget (and when I say a smidge, the price for the same room we stayed at in February was 3 times as much). Just want to be honest with you; the city is an expensive place to be, I tend to stay within my means when it comes to my budget. SO instead of staying in the city my mom and I stayed at Emily’s in Southern Connecticut for the night! We just took the train in both mornings and it worked out great! I say it often, but one thing I adore about Connecticut is the proximity to the city.

5) Where did you guys eat?!

Food is a priority guys, so I totally understand this question. My favorite of all the meal options is breakfast, so I was pretty happy when we brunched on both Saturday and Sunday. The two placed we went are The Smith Midtown and Two Hands; I highly recommend both!

If you’ve been to New York, what are some of your favorite things about the city?! Also let me know if anyone had any other specific questions about NYFW, I just answered a few of the general ones I’ve gotten!

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Sunflowers in September

T h u r s d a y ,  S e p t e m b e r  1 4 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Sweater // Cutoffs (these are crazy soft and so flattering!) // Converse (on sale here) // Sunglasses // Bralette // Bag

Hey hey hey, it’s Thursday! The last week has been a whirlwind. From NYFW over the weekend, straight back to work, to getting sick, it’s been a little hectic. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. To be able to go to fashion week, even just for a few days, is such an amazing experience! For those of you who are new here, I went to New York Fashion week back in February for the first time. Although it was a little extremely chilly, it was such a rush to watch the models walk the runway, see handcrafted designs up close, and overall be in such a creative atmosphere. However, Emily (my blogger friend over at WhatEmWore!) kept saying “wait until September, you will freak”.

I freaked. September fashion week did not disappoint! I saw, walked by, or chatted with some of my favorite bloggers, and met some new ladies to follow! It also was crazy how often you run into people without realizing it; for example I met one girl that I follow at the Like To Know It wall and didn’t realize it was her until after. NYC has a way of overwhelming your senses, and I don’t think I was mentally prepared for the amount of familiar faces I would see! I’ll talk a bit more about NYFW in my next post, but I just wanted to express how amazing the experience was and how grateful I was to attend for a second time. I felt truly honored to have been there, and to have my mom join Emily and I for the weekend!

The one issue with NYC is how much is wipes you out; Emily and I are both still fried from the weekend. I cannot wait to sleep in on Saturday! I also am a bit sick, but hoping that goes away as well (I tried to avoid getting sick from New York, I washed my hands 100 times and disinfected my phone when I got home, but it clearly wasn’t as effective as I had hoped!)

Okay, onto the post! If you saw my Insta-story from a few weeks ago, you saw that I went on a quest to find a sunflower field with my friends Svitlana and Lorenz! I asked around, trying to see if anyone knew which ones in the state were still in bloom, and my dad actually knew of one that was a few weeks behind other fields. We drove all around searching for it, and it was well worth the search! Although I’m short, these sunflowers had a least a few feet on me, and were still in full bloom, I was so tempted to steal a few to make a bouquet but would have felt guilty about taking some!

Does anyone have any questions about NYFW? I am almost done editing photos from the weekend, so will have a post up either on Friday or Monday. I’ll chat about NYFW; including what we did, how we got around, where we ate, etc, but I’d love to know what you guys are most interested in hearing about!

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What’s a Little Rain?

T h u r s d a y ,  S e p t e m b e r  7 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Short Hunter Boots (on sale!) // Thermal is from Last Year, This Year’s Version Here // Denim (these are my favorite!) // Crossbody

Back in the spring I bought my first pair of short hunters boots and never looked back. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them, but I ended up loving so much that I bought a second pair in “Pink Sand”, which is the color shown above! To be honest; I prefer the look of the taller boots. However, the shorter boots are significantly more comfortable. They are easier to get on and off and don’t leave your legs and feet gasping for air. I have thicker calves (although I feel like this isn’t just a me problem, for reference I’m a size 4) but usually have to get wide calf boots. With the short hunters, my calves can breathe and they are SO much easier to slip on and off, which is especially great for when they are wet and gross from rainy weather!

Are any of my readers going to New York Fashion Week?! I am heading into the city for Saturday and Sunday with Emily (from WhatEmWore!) and my Momma and would love to know if you guys are going to be there! Not going to lie, I am a little anxious about the fact that September fashion week is MUCH bigger than February; so many “big” bloggers that I love are going to be there, but that also makes it more exciting!

P.S. My dad shot this for me in the pouring rain with a hurt back.. is he not the MVP?!

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Buh-Bye Summer, See Ya Next Year!

W e d n e s d a y ,  A u g u s t  3 1 s t ,  2 0 1 7

Romper // Crossbody // Sandals // Watch // Sunglasses

It’s happening. The temps in CT are getting cooler, mornings are starting to have that crispness in the air, and I have spied a few leaves starting to turn. Cue the applause, because it’s time to say buh-bye to summer! This is the last summer look I have for you guys, but I will definitely be transitioning this romper into fall. The one I have linked is the newer version, but I can definitely see it with a cozy cardi as a cute transitional piece. These sandals have also gotten tons of wear this summer; I was hesitant because I don’t think Jack Rogers are quite my style, but I’ve worn these much more than I initially thought I would!

Also, I know a ton of people started school this week! So whether you started high school, college, or graduate school, good luck! Everyone, especially my family, keeps asking me if I am sad about not going back, and I have to say I’m really not. I do miss the people though. My professors were awesome, my coworkers in the Animal Science Department are the sweetest, and my friends and classmates were amazing! As much as all the hands on interaction with animals was great, it was really the people that made college so special, so I do miss them all! It does make me happy to see where everyone has gone post-college; quite a few of my friends are starting vet school (all around the U.S., one in Scotland and another in the Caribbean!), one person just started the Disney College Program, and another is working in a lab at Yale! I am so excited for each and every one of them, you guys will all do so well and I am so proud of you! I also say this as a little inspo for those of you still in high school or working on your undergraduate degree. One of the things I worried about most was where we would all end up post-grad, I was so scared that I wouldn’t have a job and would regret not choosing vet school. For those that loose sleep over that as well, I promise, you will be put where you need to be just as long as you work for it!

Sorry for the rant dolls – I didn’t mean for that to be so long!

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Happy 8th Birthday Aubrey

M o n d a y ,  A u g u s t  2 8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Tank // Similar Sweatshirt // Leggings // Miller Sandal // Aubrey’s Collar

Last week, my little lady turned 8! We all know Aubs is my best bud, and I cannot believe another year with her has come and gone. To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with Pop Your Pup, a company that creates customized prints of your pet from apparel! I know my fellow animal mommas will be all about this brand; you literally send them a few snaps of your pet, place an order, and review the print a day later! I really love that the consumer has the ability to review the print. Being the Type A individual that I am, it was awesome  to make sure things look just right before receiving your item. You can also pick the background behind your print, and can get your pup popped on tees, tanks, or a canvas. I am wearing the women’s wavy tank in a medium, I am typically a small but sized up just so it would fit a bit looser!

Happy shopping! If anyone purchases a shirt from Pop Your Pup, I’d love to be tagged and see pictures of you guys with your best friends!

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This post was in collaboration with Pop Your Pup, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Styling Mocs for Work with Minnetonka

T h u r s d a y,  A u g u s t  2 4 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Minnetonka Moccasins in “Storm Blue” // White Denim // Scarf // Long Sleeve // Bag

As many of you know, I started a new job two weeks ago! I am working in the capital city as a court reporting monitor, and so far I really like it! Although it’s not what I want to do long term, I am really soaking up the experience; it’s so interesting to see what really goes on in the courts on a day-today basis. One of the main challenges with starting work full time is the transition between dressing as a college student to office professional. I didn’t own one pair of dress pants when I started work (I would just wear black jeggings to interviews, I mean technically they are pants..), so I was kind of at a loss of how this whole endeavor would go. Once I officially started I stocked up on some dress pants and have been slowly learning how to dress for the office! One of my favorite things to do is take a piece that would typically be deemed casual and make it fit into work-wear. My favorite item as of late are these moccasins from Minnetonka! They require zero break in time – which is a total plus, who wants to have blisters and cuts at work – are super comfortable and can totally be styled to be office appropriate. The exact color I am wearing isn’t the grey, it’s “Storm Blue”!

Are you going to snag a pair of these mocs? If you do let me know if you do and what color you pick!!!

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Cactus Print Shorts

M o n d a y ,  A u g u s t  2 1 s t ,  2 0 1 7

Tank // Shorts // Necklace // Bucket Bag // Sunglasses // Sandals

I really wish these shorts were still in stock for you guys! They were when I last checked, but as I am writing this post they are currently sold out. Fingers crossed that they come back, because I am OBSESSED with the subtle cactus print! These pictures were taken last weekend with my friend Emily who blogs over at What Em Wore! We also have an trip exciting trip planned.. but I can’t dish out the details just yet 😉 .

Did everyone have a good weekend?! I totally experienced burn out for the first time in awhile; between starting a full time job, still waitressing (yes I waitress, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that but I have all through high school and college!), and then traveling on the weekend, I was fried. Saturday I went to the beach with my friends, but by the time we got home I knew I needed to check out for a bit. Needless to say it felt so good to sleep in Sunday morning!

Have a good week dolls!

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Everyone’s All Time Favorite Summer Print

F r i d a y ,  A u g u s t  1 8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Palm Print Dress // Heels // Earrings

Does anyone else feel like this week dragged.. ooph it felt like forever. BUT I am so excited that it’s finally Friday and that the weekend is upon us! I also promise that I am wrapping it up with summer content, there are just a few more end of summer posts planned, but I will certainly start to mix in transitional and fall content (can I get an amen?! Summer is just too painful).

As for this dress; how freaking cute is the print?! I really like the material, however I think it runs true to size. I was worried it might run small, but if I had went by the measurements a small would have be perfect. Because of my concern I got a medium, and it’s pretty big on me! When shopping at places like Make Me Chic or Shein, always be sure to go by the measurements and reviews, they won’t steer you wrong!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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Island Vibes with Bold Hues

T u e s d a y ,  A u g u s t  1 5 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Yellow Swing Dress (under $15!) // Sandals.. Similar Here // Cheetah Print Clutch // Bracelet

 Within any closet, there are things you bought on a whim and items you totally invest in. Yellow kind has been the color I buy on a whim lately, which immediately drew me to this yellow swing dress at the start of summer! It journeyed with me to St. Croix and Turks and Caicos; it’s just so comfortable and cute! As for an investment piece, I think every girl needs a clutch from The Providence Story. The quality of Ali’s pieces is superb, and I use mine so so often! Trust me, it’s worth every penny. I also want to note that I didn’t realize how much my clutch could fit! At home I usually use it to go out or run errands, so I usually just throw a few essentials in it and head out. But in St. Croix I knew I’d be shooting, so I was surprised to find that my camera fit in this clutch along with all my normal “essentials”!

What are some of your favorite impulse buys and essentials in your closets? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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