Cheers to the Perfect Weekend(er)

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Pullover // Denim // Uggs // Weekender (c/o) // Blanket // Cargo Liner (great if you have a pup!) // Sorel Boots

This time of year has me itching for a trip to the mountains!  February means we are in the midst of winter in Connecticut, and still have a few months of cold temps to go.  I haven’t gone skiing yet, but really need to take a trip to Vermont soon.  This duffle is the perfect bag for a quick weekend getaway!  The leather flaps on the side also open to make for even more space.

I also wanted to mention that when I decided on an SUV, I wanted to make sure I kept my trunk protected when Aubrey was in it.  This liner is perfectttt; it keeps the trunk from getting scratched up while being spill proof.  This is totally not sponsored, I just love the look of it and how well it functions!

Is anyone actually heading somewhere fun for the weekend?!  I hope so – but if not a weekend at home is just as perfect.  Either way have a fabulous weekend dolls!

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Hello Darling… A Beautiful Date Worthy Dress

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Dress (c/0) // Heels // Cheetah Print Clutch // Earrings // Bracelet // Ring

Happy Valentine’s Day dolls!  Although I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day (my birthday is the 9th so it’s just super close together!), I thought it would be fun to share this GORGEOUS date – or wedding – worthy dress!  It’s from JJ’s House, which has hundred of gorgeous wedding, date, or special event dresses.  Although I’ve never ordered a formal dress online, I was super impressed by the experience.  When selecting a dress, I recommend keeping your body type in mind in terms of what shapes/silhouettes look best on you.  You can also order a size and get the dress hemmed, or give them your exact measurements and they’ll tailor it to you!

I do want to note that these heels are great Valentino dupes!  All of the reviews said to size up a full size; I normally am a 6.5 and went with a 7.5 just to be safe.  They fit well, however the straps are a bit long so I wish I had only gone a half size up to a 7.  Just something to keep in mind!

Whether you are spending it with someone special or treating yourself, I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day loves!

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This post was in collaboration with JJ’s House, all thoughts and opinions are, as always,  my own.

My First Spray-Tan Experience with Norganic Tan

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Hi friends!!!  Today I wanted to chat a bit about a recent first of mine – my first spray tan!  Aside from the tail end of summer, I stay pretty pasty year round.  I do use tanning mousse throughout the year, but am pretty inconsistent with it.  When Norganic Tan reached out and asked about visiting their salon, I couldn’t say yes fast enough!  Above is Nora, the owner of Norganic Tan and one of the sweetest gals I have ever met!  I was luckily her last appointment of the day, so we had some time to chat.  Nora started spray tanning a few years ago out of her house, but as her clientele (and family!) grew, it was time to find a new space.  From the moment you walk in the salon feels so inviting and girly.  It also smells amazing; you guys know I am a huge fan of candles and Nora is the same way, she had like three lit!

After taking these photos Nora was like “Okay that’s so not me”, so below is a snap more on-par with her bubbly personality!

Is she not the cutest?!  We seriously talked for a good half hour; Nora just has one of those personalities that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever!

So for those of you who have never had a spray tan, it varies from salon to salon!  At Norganic, Nora has a little room within the salon set up specifically for spray tanning.  She takes a look at your natural skin color, asks how you want your tan to look, and then you get ready in the spray room while she mixes your color!  My exact words were “Make me as dark as you can without me looking like it’s too much”, and she NAILED it!  Within the room you dress to your comfort level, and then Nora (or one of her employees) comes in and does your tan by hand.  None of that booth nonsense, which means your tan will be much more precise and natural looking.  I know it can be intimidating but honestly she makes you feel SO comfortable that I was fine!  The tanning process itself takes under 10 minutes, and Nora makes sure to dry the spray tan so it doesn’t transfer.  Be sure to wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment just in case, and then take a quick shower to rinse your skin after 12 hours.  Below are my before and after results from one visit to Norganic Tan!

Norganic Tan (Follow them on Insta here!) // Rosewater Face Mist // Luna Bronze // Bralette

How crazy is that?!  I have another post coming to the blog this Wednesday that really shows off my fresh tan – get excited!

If any of you visit Nora please be sure to tag me in your freshly bronzed photos, I’d love to see your results!

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Blogger’s Who Brunch

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Mustard Sweater // Denim // Mules // Watch // Similar Bag // Better Price Point Here

Two weekends ago I ventured to my first CT Bloggers event and I loved every second of it! If I’m being totally honest, I was extremely intimidated. You guys know I am super introverted, and the idea of being in a room full of people I’ve never met sort-of scares me – especially a room full of amazing bloggers! However, I made pushing myself to attend things that I normally would avoid my secret resolution of 2018. So far so good, because I went and not only met A TON of kick a** ladies but had some of the most delicious food in Connecticut.

The event was held at The North House. We learned a bit about their history, got to tour the building, and sampled a bunch of items off their brunch and dessert menu. My favorites were the BLT deviled eggs (I took the tomato off but the yolk was whipped with avocado and it was topped with bacon bits.. swoon), the banana and chocolate chip waffles, and their chocolate truffles. I highly recommend it both for events or a weekend brunch!

P.S. My birthday is tomorrow and I just have been too busy to really acknowledge it! I’ll be working all day but am excited to go out for a girls night afterwards. My friend Natalia shares the same birthday so it’s always fun celebrating together!!!

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Weekend Casual With A Few Closet Staples

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Cardigan //  Peplum Top //  Mules // Denim // Clutch // Similar Bracelet // Bangle 1 // Bangle 2

It’s funny – during college, I HATED jeans. I would wear them, but would always wish I had just worn leggings. After working in an office and wearing dress pants almost daily, I have to say that my appreciation for jeans has grown tremendously! I look forward to styling my favorite pairs once the weekend comes, to the point where it’s almost like being reunited with old friends (I’m only exaggerating a bit!) . As for this adorable peplum tee, it comes in eight colors, I sized up to a medium just to make sure it would be nice and flowy.

In other news, the past few weeks have been a total rollercoaster. I can’t vent about every detail to you all, but I do have some positive news! My little foster puppy, Nester, has made it through the parvo battle and is coming home tomorrow! I’m so excited to pick him up and have him for a bit while he awaits his forever home.

Have a good weekend loves!

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Testing the Trend: How to Style a Teddy Coat

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 Teddy Coat (c/o) // Denim // Mules // Similar Tank

One trend that I am LOVING lately is the teddy coat. I strongly dislike can skip the whole baker boy hat thing (props to you if you’re about it! Just totally not my style), but the more teddy coats have popped up the more I knew I wanted to give this trend a try! Because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a teddy coat on me, I knew I wanted to try and get an inexpensive one. I debated between this one, this one, and this one, but finally decided on the coat you see above! I figured because it was shorter it might make me look less like an actual teddy bear, but after wearing it I definitely want to try one of the longer styles next!

Also if you’re wondering “uh why a milk truck…?”, there is no rhyme or reason. Emily and I drove past a seasonal ice cream stand; the truck caught my eye so we turned around and shot right there. It was just so vintage and fun looking!

Happy Wednesday!!!

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How I Maintain My Brows

M o n d a y ,  J a n u a r y  2 9 t h ,  2 0 1 8

Cardigan (only $8! I sized up to a medium) // Eyebrow Powder // Brush // Brow Gel // Brow Wand

 Monogrammed Towels // iPhone Pocket

Hey y’all! This post has been long requested, but I finally got it shot! Although I may not have perfect brows, if I skip filling them in I notice it all day long. I truly feel like they are key to a fresh face.

The first step to brow maintenance is getting them done. I definitely prefer threading over waxing; they are able to take my shapeless brows and make them arched! How.. I don’t know. But it’s a miracle. If you’re from central Connecticut I highly recommend GBS Salon in Market Square! I usually get them threaded every few months or so (shamefull, I know). I let them grow out for so long so they can get them as arched as possible when I get them done! In between I pluck the strays.

As you can see, I only use four items when doing my daily brow routine. I first use this “brow wand” to brush my brows into shape. I then apply this brow powder (in the shade “Blonde”) using an angled brush. One of my biggest pet peeves is when longer brow hairs shift and don’t stay in line, so I lightly apply this gel to help them keep their shape all day long! It does get a bit discolored from my foundation over time, so that’s why it’s not crystal clear in my photos!

Simple, right?! I have used the Anastasia Brow Powder for years and will probably never stay from it! It does the job of filling in my brows without looking super obvious or harsh. The brow gel is also my favorite little gem, let me know if any of you give it a try!

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The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

T u e s d a y ,  J a n u a r y  2 3 r d ,  2 0 1 7

The North Face Parka // Pullover // Beanie // Bean Boots // Leggings // Aubrey’s Collar

My little wolf is making another guest appearance today! I had been saving this post, but after the whirlwind the past few days have been, I wanted to share it earlier. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my second round of foster puppies came to me this weekend! They settled right into the house, having no accidents and spending their first day snuggling with me or playing outside. Day two rolled around, and I met my mom (who is also fostering two pups from the same litter!) at my grandparents for a little play date. By the evening of the second day, Aubs had opened up and was playing with them!

*Something to note about Aubrey – malamutes can be EXTREMELY same sex aggressive and pack oriented. I have to be hyper-aware of both Aubrey’s signals and that of any dog she comes in contact with to make sure a fight doesn’t ensue. Any dog parent who has a pup that can become aggressive knows how scary it can be, but it’s crucial to be cautious and play close attention to your dog’s body language. Because of this, Aubrey isn’t as social as I’d like her to be, and I think this is why it took her so long to warm up to Twinkle (my prior foster).  However, it’s a huge reason why I wanted to foster in the first place! Seeing Aubrey play with the two new pups by day two was extremely encouraging, and I was so proud of her!*

Unfortunately, when Aubs and I woke up Monday morning and checked on the puppies, their cage was not looking too hot. After cleaning things up, I was in contact with the owner of East Coast Canine Rescue, as she had asked if my puppies were showing any symptoms of illness. She was worried that the symptoms matched that of parvo, and I have to admit I spent much of the day crying on and off. It’s crazy how fast you become attached when fostering, but my pups had gone from playful to lethargic in less than 24 hours.  Thankfully Aubrey was vaccinated against parvo as a pup, so although we bleached and steamed everything as a precaution, she should be okay! I left work as early as I could to drive the puppies up for their treatment. They seem to be doing a bit better but I am still so worried about them. Parvo is an extremely infectious and hard hitting illness in puppies; I would almost equate it to puppy plague. If not caught early enough, it can be fatal. The full litter consists of 11 puppies, all of which have symptoms of the virus varying in severity. There is a GoFundMe available here if anyone would like to donate, but keeping the pups in your thoughts and prayers is just as important! I’m hoping the pups will kick parvo’s a**, and will keep you guys as updated as I can on how they are doing. With luck, they all will be back with their adoptive and foster families within two weeks!

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Timepiece Roundup: My Must Have Watches

T h u r s d a y ,  J a n u a r y  1 8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Jewelry Case // Gold Watch (White Face) // Gold Watch (Black Face) // Black Leather Watch

 Brown Leather Watch  // Two-Tone Watch // Wooden Watch

One thing that can always, always, pull together an outfit is a good watch. Bracelet stack needs a little oomph? Outfit doesn’t feel cohesive? Oversized sweater needs to be elevated? All of these ailments can be cured with the perfect timepiece (because a lackluster outfit can be equated to being sick, critical matters here).  The watches linked above are the ones you have seen me wear the most, whether it be Instagram or here on the blog! I will say I get the most use out of my gold ones, but love each and every one of these. I currently house them in this jewelry case from Marley Lilly, but can’t wait to use it for travel! Because I wear a watch almost daily, I wanted to create a post with all of my must have watches, linked in one spot.

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Styling Camo Pants

M o n d a y ,  J a n u r a r y  1 5 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Sweater // Camo Jeans // Flats (sold out, similar here) // Similar Handbag

Camo pants have been on my radar for years, yet just didn’t work for me. They never fit quite right, and I am a bit particular about the actual camo print itself. Cue these leopard-esque print camo pants from Lucky Brand. Picture fishing something out of a clearance rack that caught your eye. You love the item, and it just happens to be your exact size. You try it on, wince in front of the mirror, open your eyes… and then they fit perfectly?! I’m a being a smidge dramatic but that’s exactly what happened with these pants and I’m so happy for it! (Pant shopping is right up there with running on the list of things I dislike; I know it needs to be done but cringe through the whole process). In other words; if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect camo-print pant run to your nearest Lucky Brand and scoop these babies up!

P.S. If you were wondering yes, my feet were cold for this post. Numb actually. But I refuse to pass up any opportunity to shoot in the snow, it’s always worth it!

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