Embroidered in Yellow

W e d n e s d a y ,  M a y  2 4 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Yellow Dress // Sandals // Similar Denim Jacket // Similar Bag

 Y’all.. this dress though! I can’t get enough, the material, the shade of yellow, the detailing, the embroidery.. #swoon. This time of the year is so weird; I know I always mention the bipolar weather in the Northeast, but it really dictates things style wise. This dress, from My Sister’s Closet Boutique, is perfect for the warmer days we’ve been having in CT! As you all know, I need all the cute summer dresses I can get to keep me from melting when temps climb past 70.

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Gold Guide: Flats for the Recent College Grad

F r i d a y ,  M a y  1 2 t h ,  2 0 1 7

As promised, I have a shoe-related gold guide for you all today! Towards the end of the semester my friends and I were, of course, chatting about life post grad. One thing that came up in a few conversations were flats. Until now, I didn’t realize how many of my friends were tolerating flats that rip apart their heels for occasions like job interviews or presentations! Being a shoe addict, I have owned a fair share of flats that tore apart my feet. However, over the years, I have found a few pairs of flats that have been great, even during the break in period! I figured that flats would be a helpful blog post topic, especially as recent grads go out into the work force! Even if you don’t wear flats for work, reluctantly reaching for an uncomfortable pair of flats whenever the occasion arises is unnecessary, don’t torture yourselves ladies! Below I have my six favorite pairs listed. They are in no particular order, and have a wide range of price points!

1) Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Flat: First up, we have my go-to flats. Although the Tory Burch Minnie’s are pretty pricey, you can really shop around and find them on sale! I bought mine from Poshmark, but have also seen great prices on these from eBay! My exact pair is the tumbled cognac color, which is not currently available on the Tory Burch site, but the Light Oak is similar! These have never given me blisters; the leather is buttery soft and they are oh so comfy! The color and style also matches everything, making them the perfect pair of flats.

2) Steve Madden Feather: Can you tell I get a ton of wear out of these? They are getting a bit beat up in the front, but that’s just because I gravitate to them so often! I bought these on a whim and am so glad I did, they required ZERO break in time, have completely contoured to my feet and have never scraped my heels or caused blisters, even with the pointed toe.

3) Pyramid Stud Flats: These flats are the PERFECT Valentino dupes. They have creased a bit in the toe and I needed to size up a half size (I am usually a 6.5 and sized up to a 7), but again have never hurt my feet! I wore these around the city for NYFW, which I think is what really exasperated the creases, however they got me all around the city without a single blister! A range of colors and sizes are available too, I personally love these and these as well!

4) Sole Society Kailista Flats: Unfortunately these are no longer available, but I listed the name in case they are available on Poshmark or eBay! However, these leopard heels are so spunky and comfortably, I just had to include them! Sole Society currently has a similar pair available here.

5) Halogen Olsen Point Toe Flat: These are another great Valentino dupe! They are a bit creased, but are so so comfy and the nude patent leather matches anything and everything.

6) Minnie Contrast Ballet Flat: Another version of the Minnie Travel flat features the Tory Burch logo in gold. I will say these aren’t as comfortable as the first pair of Tory Burch flat’s, but I think it is because the leather is a bit more stiff and they don’t have the elastic back! They still have never given me blisters or anything, and I think they just have a longer break in time. However, they are perfect for the workplace! I also think that the gold elevates them a bit and makes they appear more formal.

I really hope this was helpful for you all! With jobs and career opportunities on the horizon, a few good pairs of flats are essential!

Do you have any flats you’d add to this list?! I’d love to hear about your go-to pairs!

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Chic Leopard Slides

W e d n e s d a y ,  M a y  1 o t h ,  2 0 1 7

Tee // Denim is old, similar here and here // Kate Spade Bag // Leopard Slides

Y’all.. these shoes though!!! We all know that I am a total shoe addict (I’ll be the first to admit it), and in keeping with that I will have a full out shoe related post up on Friday! I first saw these on my favorite blogger’s site a few weeks back, but I have lace up sandals and for the most part cannot be bothered with them. However, after a little poking around I stumbled upon these leopard slides from Dolce Vita and knew they would be perfect!  Also.. my little Kate Spade bag is currently marked down and is under $160!

I cannot wait to share Friday’s post with you guys! Hope you’re as excited as I am 😉

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Brunchin’ In Madison

M o n d a y ,  M a y  8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Leather Jacket // White Tee // Leggings // Cheetah Print Clutch // Gold Slip on Sneaker

This little outfit is what I wore to brunch with Emily a few weekends ago! I cannot say enough good thing about these gold sneakers; they literally required no break in time and are so so comfortable. If you are from Connecticut and are looking for a cute cafe, I highly recommend RJ Cafe & Bistro. They make perfect caramel lattes, and is actually a book store with a little cafe within it!

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Seven Things I Learned in College

S a t u r d a y ,  M a y  6 t h ,  2 0 1 7

1) Empathy is a vital. College is an atmosphere where you meet SO many new types of people with so many backgrounds. Being from a large suburban town, I had met tons of different people with a variety of personalities, however UConn dwarfed my high school with over 30,000 students. You will not want to be friends with everyone. You will meet people with different opinions than your own. However understanding those around you is crucial to growing while in college. If your opinions differ from those around you, take it as a learning experience! You don’t have to agree with the thoughts or actions of those around you, but you can take it as an opportunity to learn and become empathetic.

2) It’s normal to question yourself. Hey guess what?! EVERYONE hits a point in college where they want to drop out! I know it may feel like a college degree is the new high school diploma, but just because everyone has one doesn’t mean it’s easy! It’s normal to question your path, your choices, and your sanity. Hang in there though because it’ll be worth it in the end!

3) You will be put where you need to be. Those who know me well know that I say this ALL the time. It’s true though – whether it be a different major, an internship opportunity, grad school, or a job post grad, I truly believe that there is a greater plan and that things will always work out for the best.

4) Failing isn’t the end of the world. If you had told me this in high school I would have keeled over and had an aneurism. But having failed a class and plenty of exams, I have learned that it’s not at all a reflection of who you are! I worked by a** off for Organic Chemistry, failed every exam, and scraped by with a D-. I’m not going to lie, it made me feel like sh*t and plenty of tears were shed. I do think that I grew so much from experiencing this though, and look – I am still graduating! All you can do is your absolute best.

5) You will meet your tribe. I have SO much love for my UConn crew. From the faculty and staff in the Animal Science Department, to my ANSC fam, to those I knew in high school but am now SO much closer to because of college – I love you all and am tearing up writing this. Those who I’ve met during my time at UConn have truly shaped me, and I wouldn’t be who I am today without y’all!

6) A support system is key. College makes you realize who your cheerleaders are. Not only was my “tribe” key to graduation, but I wouldn’t have gotten through it without my boyfriend, brother, parents, and family. I have the greatest support system I could ever hope for, and I would not be graduating today without you all! From Viktor bringing me late night lattes, to my momma pushing me to keep it up when I was in tears (can you tell chem classes made me cry a lot? running theme here) to my dad doing little things like wiping my car off in the morning to ensure I got to class on time, having an amazing group of people around you is vital!

 7. It’s okay to not have it figured outI am walking today, and do not have a set job lined up post-grad. I had wanted to be a vet since I could speak, and completely changed my mind sophomore year. Again, if you had told me I would not be going to vet school ten years ago I would have been so confused. I do have an amazing opportunity lined up that may just lead to an employment, but whatever happens happens! As I said prior, I know I will be put where I need to be.

Who else is graduating this year?! I’d love to hear the most vital things that you learned in college, so leave me some comments! Again, thank you to my friends, parents, grandparents, family, and boyfriend, I would not be walking today without you guys and love you all so so much! Congrats to my fellow graduates, we did it!

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Brilliant Bright White

W e d n e s d a y ,  A p r i l  2 5 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Thermal Top // Denim // Cheetah Clutch // Kate Spade Watch // Shoes // Watch

I have been eyeing this top for a hot second.. and finally snagged it for sale! Originally, I had ordered it a few months ago in a small from Nordstrom (of course.. I rarely order from elsewhere if I don’t have to!),  but when it arrived it was wayyy too big. The material is amazing, so I went to exchange it in store for an XS but unfortunately the exchange was canceled due to low inventory. I was bummed. However, when I found it on sale here, I immediately scooped it up! Unfortunately it is not on sale on that site anymore, but is on sale here with limited sizing! Again, keep in mind that this thermal does run large.

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Sweaters by the Sea Shore

M o n d a y ,  A p r i l  2 4 t h ,  2 0 1 6

Similar Yellow Sweater (mine is old from Banana Republic) // Denim // Converse // Necklace // Sunglasses // Watch

 Guess what guess what guess what?! This week is the last week of college classes.. EVER! Just a few more hurdles to get through and then it’s time to graduate – craziness! But today I wanted to share some snaps from my recent blogger meet up with Emily from What Em Wore! If you follow me on snapchat (@aleconche), you know that last weekend Emily and I ventured to Madison, CT to grab lunch and explore. This pictures were taken at the first spot we ever took pictures at together, which was over a year ago! I am so happy to have a fellow blogger as a friend, and can’t believe all that has happened since we first met (which essentially means I cannot believe we went to NYFW together! Will never quite be over that!)

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Gold Guide: Finding the Perfect White Flare Dress

F r i d a y ,  A p r i l  2 1 s t ,  2 0 1 7

Happy Friday dolls – hope everyone’s week went well! We all know white is an absolute closet staple for me, however as the weather warms up it becomes time for me to trade in my white sweaters and cardi’s for dresses! I have been eyeing white flare dresses lately, especially as graduation nears (is wearing white to graduation a thing or is it just me living in my CT bubble?). Some of the favorites I have come across can be found here (I might order this one!) and here!

Hope y’all have a fun weekend ahead! And to those in the same boat as me and are nearing the end of the semester, we got this! Graduation is two weeks away, and I cannot wait!

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Blue Bell Sleeves

M o n d a y ,  A p r i l  1 7 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Bell Sleeve Top // White Denim // Gigi New York Clutch // Wedges // Zodiac Necklace

Happy Monday loves! Hope everyone’s Easter was fantastic! Today I wanted to share a quick outfit that I wore over the weekend. This off the shoulder top arrived in the mail while I was in Disney, and I’ve been waiting until the temps got a little higher to style it! I will say I didn’t try it on when I first got it; unfortunately it’s a bit big. I ordered a small, which is my usual size, but I definitely would recommend sizing down! However, it’s under $15 (yup!) and has the cutest bell sleeve details!

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3 Ways to Sneak Spring into Your Wardrobe

W e d n e s d a y ,  A p r i l  1 2 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Mint Tee // Denim (on sale!) // Lace Up Sandals // Sunglasses // Gold Bangle // Aquarius Necklace

One of the biggest struggles of living in the Northeast is spring style. Although we have had a streak of nice weather the past few days (it was 80 degrees yesterday! What?!), it’s supposed to drop back to the 50’s next week. With all these fluctuations it can be challenging to dress for the season! However, I have a few little tricks that may just help!

1) Slowly work sandals into your weekly ensemble.  I mean don’t sacrifice your toes on a 50 degree day, but on the days you think it’s possible, go for it! It’ll also give you a fabulous excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure.

2) Bring on the brights. And I don’t just mean colorful tanks and tees! One thing I have been really doing lately is mixing in spring colored sweaters. A great example is this recent post! We all know I am a sweater worshiper at heart, so rocking my favorite garment in spring hues is a perfect way to ring in spring without sacrificing practicality.

3) Trade in neutral lip shades for brighter hues. I haven’t been on my lipstick game lately, but one of my absolute favorite ways to feel fresh for spring is turning up the saturation on my lipsticks!

Nothing too crazy right?! Just a feel little ways to sneak spring in, especially if you live in an area where the weather is constantly fluctuating!

P.S. In case you haven’t heard, one of the best sales of the season is happening NOW! Shopbop does a big sale every spring; use code EVENT17 to get 20% off your purchase! I have linked some of my favorite pieces in the widget below. Happy shopping dolls!

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