White Peasant Blouse

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Similar Top // Denim // Booties // Monogram Necklace // Similar Bracelet

 I love fall in New England. It’s such a magical season, and I seriously will never get tired of the leaves changing into such vibrant hues. It’s also finally chilly today (it’s 48 degrees outside as I write this) which is also such a relief!

Let’s just chat about these booties – I can’t seem to stop wearing them! They’re so versatile, and I am obsessed with the “Brindle” color because they look more grey with some outfits, and taupe with others! They’re magic, I swear. 😉

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How To: Styling Knit Uggs

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Similar Sweater // Leggings // Cardigan Uggs // Watch // Similar Gold Bracelet

 I’ve owned these Uggs for a few years now, and still have trouble styling them. I know a lot of people who love and wear Uggs, and although they are not the chic-est footwear choice, they are by far the coziest, which is why they’ve stayed “in” for so long! The challenge is then to pair something comfortable with things that really compliment it! My tip is to play with a few different tops until you find something that feels suitable with Uggs.

In other news, temperatures have (unfortunately) warmed up in Connecticut, and I am having none of it. I will be on campus all day today, but am going on a sushi date tonight with my friend Svitlana and cannot wait. I’ve been seriously craving it for weeks and have been putting it off, so its way past due!

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Sweaters, Meet Sweetflexx

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Sweater // Sweetflexx Leggings // Converse // Sunglasses

 Happy Friday loves! Another week down, and I am oh-so-happy with the weather fall has been throwing at us. Sure, it’s 43 degrees when I get to campus, but I try to view the chill in the air as refreshing (and it wakes me right up for those 8AMs). The leaves are also slowly starting to turn, so my commute to campus is getting prettier and prettier by the day!

Today I wanted to share another post with one of my favorite brands! It’s no secret that I love my Sweetflexx leggings, and since I’ve only styled them for summer it was definitely time for a fall update! Sweaters and leggings are always my go-to campus style, and I literally count the days until it’s cool enough to fall back – ha, I’m punny – into the threads of my favorite fall pieces. As many of you know, I was also lucky enough to participate in a Yale study with Sweetflexx over the summer. The results are in, and you can actually burn an extra 30-40 calories per half hour simply by wearing Sweetflexx.

Sweetflexx leggings are now one of my pairs of go to leggings, and are ideal for burning extra calories throughout the day (because what college student really has time for the gym on a daily basis). I know they are a bit pricey, but don’t forget that my readers can use the code “glitterandgold” for $25 off your entire order!

Bright Fall Days

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Black and White Flannel // Leggings (I can’t stop wearing them!) // Almost Identical Fringe Bag // Sunglasses // Booties // Watch // Lipstick in “Peony”

Fall is in full swing, and this girl could not be happier. I always feel so awkward in spring and summer, but fall and winter is totally my domain (Does anyone else feel the most themselves during a particular season?!). I actually purchased these booties during the summer while they were on sale, but luckily they are still in stock in two colors and are on sale now!

Also I am so sorry I am only posting once a week lately! I really want to be getting more content up, and am working to do so. I also want to be extremely real with you guys, and don’t want to put up content that feels rushed or not well thought out. Only 10 more weeks left in the semester though, so a nice long winter break and more opportunities to get ahead with blog posts lay ahead!

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The Quintessential College Gal

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White Long Sleeve // J. Crew Herringbone Vest, Similar Here // Leggings // Tory Burch Boots // Similar Baseball Hat

Today I wanted to talk about some fall essentials for everyone, but especially any college gal! As the weather cools down, these are the pieces I constantly reach for, which make them critical components of my closet.

1) A Versatile White Long Sleeve

I am a white tee hoarder. Long sleeve, short sleeve, batwing, knit tees, I have them all.. in white. However, it actually took me awhile to find the perfect long sleeve, and this is it. It’s the perfect weight, while also being a good length for both leggings and jeans!

2) A Good Pair of Leggings

Not a cheap pair that are a little see through and don’t keep your legs warm. It’s totally worth it to invest in a good pair that you know you can wear as the weather gets colder! I highly recommend these by Zella.

3) Quality Riding Boots

I know Tory Burch boots aren’t in everyone’s budget (trust me, they weren’t in mine but there was a huge sale last February and my grandparents got mine for $250, always ballin’ on a budget over here). You can shop boots under $100 at Nordstrom. I also used to buy a lot of my boots from UrbanOG, especially for when I wanted to try a new style but didn’t want to invest in case I didn’t wear them! They are usually good quality for the price, but you do have to sort through some not so cute styles to find the good pairs. It’s all about the diamond in the rough right?! 😉

4) A Cute and Cozy Vest

That Herringbone Vest you see everywhere from J. Crew? There are now TONS of other places that you can get almost the exact same vest for a much smaller price! I bought mine on Etsy, but if you do a quick Google search it’s available from a few boutiques as well! I also love this fuzzy vest!

5) A Baseball Hat

The solution to hitting the snooze button, day four hair, or just an overall bad hair day. I bought my UConn one from Walmart for $5, so definitely check your local one to see if it carries your college! I also have a monogrammed hat similar to this one that I am obsessed with.

Are there any other campus or day-to-day essentials that your closet couldn’t go without? Let me know in the comments!

On Trend – A Cross Strap Top

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Strappy Top // Espadrilles // Similar Denim // Druzy Bracelet // Grey Stone Bracelet // Sunglasses // Lipstick in “Peony”

As the temperatures drop and rise throughout the fall, I always struggle a bit to find items that I will be comfortable in all day. Every student knows the struggle of walking around campus at 8:00 with numb fingers, but dying at 1:00 in a light sweatshirt. Layers are great to combat this, but I am a little stubborn and will shiver through the morning to be comfortable later in the day! This long sleeve top from Nordstrom is a good weight fabric for this time of year, not to mention the cross strap detail is on point.

I shared this on Instagram, but wanted to make it official and share it on the blog today as well! I am lucky enough to now be a brand ambassador for Kinsley Armelle, a brand that specialized in unique and beautiful jewelry! They sell necklaces and earrings, but their bracelets are by far my favorite! The ones I am wearing are even more stunning in person, they have a certain “weight” about them that I love. My followers are able to use the code “glitterandgold15” for 15% off anything from Kinsley Armelle! The code is actually able to be applied on the entire order, which is fabulous! The ones I currently have are all neutral, but I am not-so-secretly eyeing this turquoise one 😉

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Tech Review: iPhone 7

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Hi dolls! First off, I wanted to say sorry for being absent last week! Something was wrong with my camera’s SD card, so my photos weren’t uploading to my computer, etc. But all is well and fixed now, and I wanted to bring you an iPhone 7 review today! I received my iPhone 7 last Tuesday, and the following day my friend mentioned doing a review, so here it is! (Pssst, thanks Drew for the idea 😉 )


Alright, so let’s address a few basics – for those who have an iPhone 6, the 7 is extremely similar. However, coming from a 5s to a 7 felt like a HUGE leap in technology. I mean seriously, I am still marveling at the photo quality and the battery life of my phone, and it’s been a week. The size is the same as the 6, the camera has been upgraded, and the display is a little better. However, there is one big thing that people have been scrutinizing over, and that is the headphone jack.


The loss of the headphone jack is not as detrimental as it sounds! Initially, I thought it was extremely counter intuitive too, like why would Apple remove something that seems to be a cell phone essential? Well, there are a few reasons, all of which I did not think about when the iPhone 7 specs were released.


The loss of an iPhone jack means that the phone is more “water resistant”, however, I believe Apple is underwhelming us with that term to avoid any mishaps. I have watched a few videos regarding the iPhone 7’s “water resistance”, and it actually seems to be more along the lines of water proof. Of course, with next year being Apple’s anniversary, they are probably saving the waterproof title for the next big iPhone; however the iPhone 7 is “officially” rated for up to 30 minutes under a meter of water.  Apple also makes sure we are fully equipped to handle the loss of the headphone jack, since they include headphones that plug right into your charger port, as well as a small adapter for your car jack and other headphones.


As mentioned before, the biggest different for me is the battery life of the 7. I just checked my battery as I am writing this, and my phone is still on 20%. It’s 11:00 at night, and I’ve been using it since 8:00 AM. That is astounding! With my 5s I was charging it 2-3 times per day, and always had to be super conservative with my battery usage. The 7 also comes with 32 gb as the smallest option, which is another upgrade from my 16 gb 5s! That (hopefully) means no more “Storage Full” notifications!

In short, the iPhone 7 isn’t the most dramatic change from a 6, but if you have anything older than that I highly recommend upgrading! I am a little infatuated with the look of it, mesmerized by the battery life, and adore the fact that the pictures I take on it are more crisp and clear!

You can take a closer look at the iPhone 7 here, or purchase it here. My case is from Groupon and can be purchased here!

This post was not sponsored by Apple or Groupon, all opinions are my own.


Plaid & Ponies

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Similar Buffalo Check Top // Denim // Bean Boots // Similar Necklace

I am SO happy that it’s finally Thursday. If you follow me on Snapchat (@aleconche), you know that this week has been a nightmare (ok not a nightmare but some super inconvenient crap has happened). My car was hit in a parking lot at school, so that combined with little things has just had me on edge. BUT the weekend is only a day a way, so that’s something to look forward to!

Last week I went down to the barns to kill some time and snap these pictures with my friend Mattie! I am not sure why, but being at the barns is always so relaxing to me. Whether it be horses or cows it’s just so soothing to spend some time with the animals, and this little blonde girl named Chile Pepper is no exception!

Back to Campus

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Similar Tank // Leggings // Similar Faux Leather Jacket // Converse // Phone Case (yes I still have an iPhone 5)

I have been back on campus now for 2 weeks, and finally feel as though I am back in the swing of things! That also means I will soon be at that point in the semester where I loose my steam, so can’t wait for that 😉 The yellow striped tank shown was a find from Clear the Rack last week – I couldn’t find it online but I definitely suggest scoping out your local Nordstrom Rack for it! This leather jacket is also one of my favorite pieces – my grandma got it for me from Nordstrom a few years ago but it’s seriously so high quality, the one linked is really similar!

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Falling Straight Into Suede

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Falling Right Into Suede (9 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (7 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (2 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (4 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (8 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (15 of 16)

Falling Right Into Suede (16 of 16)

Similar Dress // Tory Burch Moore Sandal // Similar Bag // Sunglasses // Clasp Bracelet // Pebbled Bracelet // Lipstick in “St. Germain”

This dress was one of my favorite recent purchases from T.J. Maxx! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I snagged this little beauty on the clearance rack for TEN dollars. The one I linked is super similar and at a fair price point, but I strongly urge you guys to scope out you’re local T.J. Maxx or Marshalls for the exact one shown above. Faux suede isn’t the most forgiving material, and I have seen faux suede dresses popping up everywhere. The great thing about this one is the cut, it flows away from the body so the shape is extremely flattering. It’s also a great item that feels fall, while still being comfortable enough to wear when temps are still screaming summer!

I do have one stipulation for this post, please be forgiving with my super unflattering smile in the first picture! My mom works at Rosenberg Orthodontics, so we often have conversations about our teeth or our smiles. I always say that I have a “cute” smile and then an “unfortunate/unflattering” smile, but the picture just exemplified the dress so well I just had to keep it in the post!