Pretty in Pink with the Mint Julep Boutique

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Tunic in “Rose” // Blanket Scarf // Black & Silver Bracelet // Gold & Silver Hook Bracelet // Tory Burch Boots // Leggings

Happy Friday loves! This week has completely flown by; it feels like a day ago I was in New York and all of a sudden the week is over. Craziness. It’s also crazy to think that in three weeks I will be off to Disney for my last spring break of college, I am SO freaking excited!

Today I just wanted to share a little collaboration I’ve been working on behind the scenes! We all know that leggings comprise over half of my winter oufits (#noshame). So when the Mint Julep Boutique reached out to me to try their tunics, I was so excited to test them out! The thing I love most about them is that they are super long and the perfect weight; they are thick enough that you won’t freeze in them but thin enough to be a perfect transitional piece come spring! Winter is at it’s peak here in Connecticut, so I simply paired mine with my favorite blanket scarf and some riding boots to stay warm and toasty.

I also have a surprise for you guys – my readers can shop the tunics at 50% off here!

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy shopping dolls!

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Valentine’s Day Inspo

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Versace Bright Crystal // Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy // Kate Spade Walk on Air

Happy Friday loves! I am going to be honest with you all, I almost forgot about Valentine’s Day. I was trying to make a plan to go visit my friend Hannah at her school for a weekend and she was like, “Lex, literally any other weekend than right after Valentine’s Day, I am going to be celebrating with my boyfriend that weekend!” Oops, Sorry Han!

As you guys know my birthday is February 9th, so Viktor and I almost always fore-go Valentine’s Day and focus on that (I mean not to be a brat but the day of my birth takes priority 😉 ). I literally don’t mean to forget but I am just over here like “my-birthday’s-coming-up”! However, I know everyone else celebrates Valentines Day, so I wanted to put together a little Valentine’s Day inspired post for you guys! I have rounded up my top three perfumes that I think any lady would adore as V-Day gifts! All of these scents are light, flirty, and floral; I can be really sensitive to scent but all three of these don’t give me headaches or anything.

In other news, I am off to FASHION WEEK for the first time this weekend! I really have no idea what to expect, but I feel so honored and am so grateful to have been invited. Keep an eye on my Snapchat (@aleconche) to really follow my fashion week adventure!

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Styling Hunter Boots in the Dead of Winter

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Quilted Coat // Exact Hunter Boots // Light Pink “Adult” Version // Leggings  (I wear these ALL the time) // Boot Socks // Beanie (on sale for under $8!)

Hey dolls! Sorry to be absent last week, school just got super hectic but – for the time being – I am all caught up and back on my game. This weekend was a bit crazy, I worked a 13.5 hour shift on Saturday, then was busy all day Sunday. I took a trip to our local flea market and bought a new Longchamp and LV Neverfull, then headed a few towns over to spend some time with Aubrey and my friend Natalia. We went to a reservoir and spent 2 hours walking and chatting, it was cold but still so nice to spend some time catching up and being outside! Afterwards I went to my grandparents house to celebrate my birthday a little early. It was a hectic Sunday, but I am so glad I got to spend time with all of my favorite people!

Onto the post.. this outfit is the last one from Killington, I promise! If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that my hunters are “kids” hunters, they are a little shorter, a lot less cheaper, and fit better than the “adult” ones, so if you’re shoe size is a 7 or less they are definitely a good option! The boot socks make a huge difference in the snow; rubber isn’t exactly warm or insulated, but with the right layers rain boots make the perfect snow boots! My mint beanie is also on sale for under $8, it has the ideal amount of slouch and adore the color, so be sure to scoop it up while it’s on sale!

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Killington, VT: A Video Recap of Our Ski Trip!

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I am only a tiny bit sorry to be overloading the blog with Killington posts, I just can’t get enough! I meant to get this video up to have attached to last week’s Killington post, but there were so many technical errors uploading the videos to my laptop that it didn’t happen in time. I don’t know why, but my laptop has almost been resistant lately; sometimes it decides it doesn’t feel like charging when it’s plugged in, and then when I tried to upload these it told me it didn’t recognize my phone (I was super frustrated, I’ve never had a problem with my HP until now!).

However the video is finally done, and you can view it below! It may not be the best quality, but it still gives such a good view of what it’s actually like to ski the mountain! You can only see so much from the base, but actually skiing the mountain is a whole different story. As mentioned before, I am scared of heights and get super anxious at the mountains peak, but as we ease our way back down I get more and more comfortable and really try to take in the view. The trails are so breathtaking, with trees lining both sides at certain points (my favorite because I feel nice and safe), then it opens up and all you see is mountains for miles – it’s truly amazing. Enjoy dolls and thanks for stopping by!

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Killington, VT: Staying Toasty in the Mountains

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Black Coat // Similar Beanie // Sunglasses // Calvin Klein Pullover // Sorel Boots (on sale!) // Leggings

Okay seriously, can you believe these mountains?! I always rave about how living in Connecticut grants me with opportunities to visit Boston or New York City frequently, but another perk is definitely the close proximity to Vermont. Growing up, my parents used to take my brother and I to Vermont annually, and we actually learned to ski right on this mountain! There are TONS of places to ski in this state, but the one we always went to was Killington. It’s tradition; I would almost feel guilty if we went anywhere else! My family traditionally stays at the Mountain Green Inn, which is probably the most convenient location if you are going to be skiing daily. You can literally see the mountain directly from the inn, and there is a shuttle available to bring guests – and all of the ski/snowboard equipment – from Green Mountain Inn to the mountain base.

This 3 day trip was spent with my Dad, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend. We essentially would ski from whenever we got up-and-ready til dusk, then would head home, rest, and head back out for dinner! One thing to note about Vermont – it’s COLD. Like.. these pictures don’t show it but my dad’s poor hands were getting numb shooting this for me. It was between -10 and 30 degrees the entire time we were there, so packing layers is a serious thing. However, as long as you pack and dress for the weather things will be a blast!

If you are an avid skier or snowboarder and have never been to Vermont, I highly recommend it! Being on top of the mountain is like touching the sky, and it’s amazing to see the frozen trees still clinging to life at the mountain’s peak. Although I freak out a little bit on the descent (I’ve skied my entire life and still get nervous going down, not sure what is wrong with me because I am totally capable but forget it all when I see something remotely steep), I really try to take it all in and appreciate the views! Some parts of the trails are coated with trees on either side, then open back up to astounding views of the mountains, it really is something that only skiing can gives you a perfect visual of.

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Gold Guide: Planner Organization for 2017

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Hey dolls and Happy Monday!

I know we are half-way through January and the big wave of “resolutions” has already come (and gone?! ha), but with spring semester starting tomorrow I thought it would be a good opportunity for an organizational post! I am a super Type-A person who thrives off order, so when it comes to school, work, and life, I really rely on my planner to keep everything straight. I wanted to share what planner I am using, as well as my little tips and tricks for keeping it as organized as possible.

Step 1) Picking the Planner

I always get a little giddy about getting a new planner come January, and this year I found this Kate Spade one on super sale! I usually just buy my planners at Marshalls or T.J. Maxx, and truthfully I think I like them a little better. The Kate Spade one is a bit bulky, and the spiral binding is hard to write around. However, it’s cute as hell so I will make it work! Try to choose something that you won’t get bored of a year from now, and keep the size and interior format in mind.

Step 2) Your Arsenal

The next key part of planner organization are your writing utensils. I am that girl that has all of her study guides color coded, and I take that to my planner as well. G-2 pens are my jam, and then I use purple, pink, and blue highlighters in my planner to try to keep a universal color scheme.

3) The Importance of Gold Paper Clips and Pretty Binder Clips

Okay, they don’t have to be gold, but for me they do. I use a smaller binder clip to section off a chunk of prior months that I am no longer using, and then always have the last page as the calendar view of the current month. This way, I can open to it quickly. The gold paper clips are for the week, so I section off the weeks I am not using and have the last page be the week I am on. This way, you never have to thumb viciously through your planner to get to things!

4) Keeping the Interior Tidy

As far as the interior of my planner goes, I try to keep it consistent between the months and weeks. I love having the monthly view so I can see how close tests, trips, or work shifts are, but use the weekly view for class assignments and whatnot. I also color coordinate things so I can tell what’s what at a glance: test’s and school related things are purple, work is blue, and pink is miscellaneous. I also use washi tape to underline vacations and really emphasize them (I mean I don’t know about you but I get excited just seeing that a trip is on the horizon!). My handwriting is also atrocious, so adding all of these little details makes it look a little neater to me!

Kate Spade Planner // G2 Pens // The Cutest Highlighter Set // Gold Paper Clips // Binder Clip

Hopefully this was helpful in some facet, thanks for reading!

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Fur Vests and Sunsets

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Similar Thermal // Similar Vest (better price point here) // Newer Version of Boots // Similar Sunglasses

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you know that Killington has been an absolute blast! It’s been awhile since I’ve skied this much; my legs are on fire but I don’t even care. We are skiing a half day today and will be back home in Connecticut tonight, so I will have a full recap of my time in Vermont up as soon as possible!

I wore this outfit while seeing with Emily (from What Em Worefor her 22nd birthday! We met up at Clinton Crossing for some celebratory shopping, then headed to Coldstone (yum) for ice cream and to get some blog stuff done on our laptops. Normally a vest and a thermal would not cut it this time of year in CT, but we had a strange 50 degree day amidst our normal temps, so I totally took advantage and layered minimally.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Take Me To The City: New York, NY

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Red Puffer Coat // Leggings (these are seriously the best!) // Lucky Brand Boots // Sunglasses // Similar Fur Pom-Pom Beanies

As another adventure starts today, I wanted to recap on my recent day trip to New York City! One fact that I think is SUPER under-appreciated about living in Connecticut is the close proximity to both Boston and New York. I know so many people dream of visiting these cities, and I am lucky enough to be able to spend a day in either whenever I can! Usually when I take a trip to NY I have a plan in mind (excuse me, my type A is showing a bit), but this round we completely winged-it! As you may or may not know, my boyfriend’s sister and I are really close, so the two of us went with two of our guy friends. We wandered around Manhattan, exploring Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and parts of Broadway – shopping and snacking along the way of course. We grabbed dinner at Carmine’s, which is an Italian restaurant that my family has always been obsessed with. I know a lot of people say it’s overrated, but it brings back so many memories of past New York trips with my fam, plus I adore their food #bringonthecarbs!

Today I am waking up in another favorite New England destination of mine – Killington, Vermont! I learned to ski at Killington, so it’s another location that holds a special place in my heart. My family used to go every year, but stopped going when I was in the middle of high school. That being said, I am AMPED to revisit the slopes, especially after Saturday’s blizzard! Skiing over ice makes me go into a minor panic, so the fresh snow will feel like a dream!

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Nordstrom Sale Picks

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Velvet Bodysuit // Pom Pom Shorts // Pajama Set // Free People Tank // Bell Sleeve Dress
Would y’all believe me if I said all of these items were under $80? Total? Well they are! The #nsale may be “officially” over, but all the items listed above are still on sale and the prices make each piece an absolute steal. Seriously, it’s worth a second look around Nordstrom‘s site to see if there are any inexpensive pieces that catch your eye! I know my picks are a bit all over the place, ranging from Christmas ‘jammies to items for spring, but I purchase any season all year long in order to ensure that I get good deals on items I love. 
Happy shopping ladies!
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Behind The Blogger: Some Facts About Myself!

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With New Years nearing, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on myself and share some facts about who I really am with you all! I like to think I share most of my life through the blog and social media, but I also think that I feel closer to people when I start to learn about their quirks or particular little details about their personality! Without further ado, here’s a little roundup of facts about your girl.

1) I adore animals, but hate spiders. We’re talking run away and have a panic attack fear here.

2) I swear, a lot. My mom is always like “Lex.. that sounds horrible coming out of such a small & sweet person”. Sorry Momma!

3) My cereal is consumed without milk.

4) I sleep with my head underneath my pillow and my arm slung over a long body pillow. There is no other option.

5) Mint chocolate chip ice cream with Reese’s is my sundae of choice.

6) I ALWAYS go to the mall right when it opens, there’s less people and I find that employees are more friendly in the morning.

7) I love to travel but coming back home is a feeling like nothing else.

8) Re-watching movies is something I do frequently, I go through phases where I will watch one movie multiple times for weeks on end.

9) A back-burner goal I’ve always had is to be one of those badass people that wakes up at 5:00AM, works out, eats well all day, etc. I’ve accomplished this maybe 10 days total in my entire life.

10) I love when people call me Lex or Lexa, but Lexy is a biggggg no no. Also to almost every teacher I’ve ever had, my name isn’t Alexis and Alexa is not short for Alexandra.

11) I like to think that giving people a pep-talk/mental boost or calming someone down is a talent of mine.

 12) Swimming and skiing are my two favorite physical activities. I am not the kind of girl that just sits on the beach all day, and love to play in the sea or the snow.

13) I cannot throw or catch things well. My brother ended up with those skills and I do without.

 14) I am an open book and share things pretty freely.

15) Popcorn is my favorite food.

 16) I love the smell that is in the air when summer turns to fall or right before a big snowstorm. I can’t describe the scent of either but I look forward to both annually.

17) Candles are my jam and I burn at least one almost constantly when home.

 18) My favorite color is grey.

19) I want a small tattoo on the inside of my left foot, but am super indecisive about it.

 20) Aubrey is my best friend, and I couldn’t live in a world without dogs.

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