Packing for Walt Disney World in November

F r i d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  1 7 t h ,   2 0 1 7

Castle Tee //  Four Parks Pullover // Black Wire Ears (the newest addition, can’t wait to style them!) 

Gold Wire Ears (the ones I wore a bunch last trip!) // Classic Sequin Ears // “Cindy” Princess Tee // Similar Mickey Tee

Grey PJ Set // Hi-Top Converse // Low Top Converse // Grey Vans // Nike Sneakers

Y’all.. Disney is less than 48 hours away!!! I am honestly so fortunate to be traveling to Walt Disney World for the second time this year, and cannot believe that I’ll see it with all of the Christmas decorations. Get ready for a plethora of pictures… I might go a bit overboard but I’ll do my best to rein it in.

Another difference between my previous trips and this upcoming one is that all of my prior Disney trips were in spring/summer. That being said, I am totally looking forward to going to Florida with a forecast that won’t potentially make me melt #justcallmeOlaf. However, it is odd having to think about packing layers for a flight to Orlando. The forecast calls for temps from 55 to 78 degrees, so I really did my best to pack options! Below is a breakdown of what’s in my suitcase for a November Disney trip!

The key for packing tops this round was to layer. I have packed a few Disney inspired tees, as well as a few long sleeves for the evening. My favorite of the Disney tees in my suitcase is definitely my castle tee from The Home T. Y’all know I love how soft my Connecticut home tee is, so I am excited to wear the castle version in the parks (I also want to note that the Home T donates 10% of it’s profit to multiple sclerosis, nothing better than supporting a company that gives back!). I am also bringing a light rain jacket for the random Florida showers. Since this trip is only four days, I am planning on bringing a hoodie and wearing my Patagonia on the plane. The temps in CT are currently pretty cold, so that will be much needed when heading to the airport in the wee hours of the morning.  This may not be the case where you live, but I will be able to avoid packing bulky layers by wearing a few of them while traveling!

My rule for bottoms in Disney is that if it’s not comfortable, I don’t dare pack it. With the average steps for a day in the parks ranging between 10,000 and 30,000 steps, you are going to regret rocking a new pair of jeans. I opted for a few pairs of leggings, a pair of black jeans, and a pair of soft, worn in jeans for this trip.

By the same token, don’t bring shoes that aren’t broken in either! All that walking can cause even the most worn-in shoes to lead to blisters, so be sure that you bring comfortable and supportive footwear for your Disney trip. My black hi-tops are relatively new; I can’t wait to style them for the parks!

Ears first, of course! I currently have three pairs, the newest being these adorable leather ones from Gingham and Dots! I seriously cannot wait to style them! Other necessities include my Pandora bracelet (which has a few cute Disney charms, I’ll link below!), a few other bracelets, and a pair of earrings for the trip. I try to keep it minimal because there’s little time to be fussing over accessories while running around the parks! Then of course the usual things, toiletries, sunglasses, socks, etc. A few items that I WILL NOT travel without include my iPod (yes, I’m old school), headphones (gold, of course), a portable charger, and dramamine (cue the motion sickness, I’m prepared).

Have you been to Walt Disney World recently? Or are you planning an upcoming trip?! I’d love to hear about any and all Disney trips in the comments! For those of you that have never gone in the cooler months, I hope this little guide helped! Be sure to follow along on Instagram all week to keep up with the magic.  And I, of course, will have a few posts up from the trip, so be sure to check back for those!

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Gold Guide: Gearing up for the Holidays with Jord

M o n d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  1 3 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Jord Cassia Watch // Buffalo Check Flannel // Leggings // Duck Boots

It’s no secret that the holidays are my FAVORITE. I actively listen to Christmas music year round, wish for snow in July and always have this season on my mind. Being my Type-A/list loving self, I usually maintain gift idea lists year round. These lists usually aren’t general ideas either – they are bulleted and organized by person. If a potential gift comes up in conversation or when I am lost in thought, it immediately gets jotted down. Now that we are halfway through November, gifting (well for now, shopping) season is in full swing, and it’s safe socially acceptable to talk gift ideas!

After stumbling upon Jord watches while browsing through Instagram, I personally fell in love. The idea of a wooden watch is so different and yet looks so classic.  Jord’s newly launched Cassia watch is my personal favorite; The particular watch shown above is made of Zebrawood, and the gold metal mixed throughout the wooden bands completely sold me. (Some of you may not know, but I spent three weeks in Africa during my Junior year of college and it holds such a special place in my heart. Just knowing that this gorgeous light colored wood is sourced from such a sentimental location makes me beam!). The best part about these unique watches? They come in both men’s and women’s styles in all different sizes, stains, and metal combinations, which makes them suitable for anyone on your holiday list. After all, ’tis the season!

I also (of course!) have a coupon code for you all! Click here to get 25% off your entire purchase from Jord!

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Watch Gift Ideas

Color & Camo: A New Bag for the Holidays

T h u r s d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  9 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Camo Sweater // Denim // Converse // Handbag // Lipstick in “Perla”

I’ve posted this bag in a few pictures on Instagram, but I think these pictures do it so much more justice! I have discreetly lusted over the red Tory Burch York Tote for a few years, but couldn’t justify the price for a bag that wasn’t neutral. When I stumbled upon this bag from Rebecca Minkoff (on clearance, I might add), I knew it would be perfect for the holidays! The leather is buttery soft, the color is a perfect shade of red, and the whipstitch detailing is beautiful. My sweater is also on sale for under $25 and still available in all sizes, I am loving the neutral camo!

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Pops of Pink and a Must-Have Cozy Essential

T u e s d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  7 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Cardigan // Heels // Denim // Tank // Stila Lipstick in “Bella”

Do y’all see this cardigan? Because it is hands down the coziest cardi I own.. your closet just might be in dire need of it 😉 . Lately I’ve been on a bright lipstick kick — I am forever a lover of neutrals but love to add pops with lipstick from time to time! As for these heels; the pink suede is currently sold out, but they are still available in this exact color in a reptile texture which is SUPER cute!

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Keepin’ It Neutral

F r i d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  3 r d  ,  2 0 1 7

Sweater // White Denim // Moccasins (color is “Storm Blue”) // Similar Necklace

You know how a bright sunny day makes people happy? That’s how I feel about grey’s and white’s — whether it be a perfect cloudy day or an outfit! This sweater from Free People is one of my absolute favorites (one should note that I own A LOT of sweaters, sooo…). It’s extremely well made, thick, structured yet oversized, and comes in a bunch of different colors. I own it in both blue and grey! To keep the neutral vibes, I paired the light grey sweater with white denim and my favorite pair of mocs.

Have a great weekend dolls!

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Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home + A Giveaway

W e d n e s d a y ,  N o v e m b e r  1 s t ,  2 0 1 7

Today I wanted to talk about something different with you guys… teeth whitening! Growing up, anything related to teeth was top priority in my family. My mom is an orthodontic assistant, so it was always prudent that we brush, floss, and maintain our teeth. I had braces by 4th grade guys — if that helps to relay how imbedded dental care is. Albite, my teeth aren’t as straight as they could be; my mom still insists that I get braces just one more time. However, I wore my retainer religiously post-braces, so I think that even if I got braces again my teeth would just go back to how they are now. Although I don’t seem to have control over how straight my teeth are, I do have control when it comes to whitening them! So when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant, I was super excited to give it a whirl! First off, I wanted to show you guys my results after only 7 sessions…

Crazy, right?! I have a close up before and after further down this post, but I wanted to explain the Smile Brilliant process in more detail.

First up, you will receive a box with your whole setup! It will contain whitening geldesensitizing gel, impression material, shipping material, and super detailed instructions for every step of the process.

The first step will be to make your impression! You simply take the Base Paste and the Catalyst Past and mix the two together in your hands until you don’t see anymore of the blue base putty. You then place the mixture in the impression tray, and gently push it onto your teeth. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but you just have to hold it until the material starts to harden. Once this occurs, you can carefully pull it out and let it sit. The trays should sit overnight, and then you use the shipping material to send them back to Smile Brilliant!

After sending out your impressions, Smile Brilliant will then send back your custom fitted whitening trays(My favorite thing about them is that they are squishy and flexible, while retainers are stiff and uncomfortable). Once you have your custom trays, it’s time to start whitening! I whitened every other day for about an hour. The desensitizing gel is a lifesaver; my teeth have always been sensitive, and whitening always increases my tooth sensitivity. Trust me, try not to skimp on the desensitizing gel, it makes all the difference for your own comfort! I usually let the gel sit for 20-30 minutes.

I’m so pumped about my results… now the exciting part; the giveaway! Click on the link here to enter to win your own treatment from Smile Brilliant! You can also use code “shesglitterandgold15” for $15 off!

If you have any questions about whitening your teeth with Smile Brilliant, feel free to ask!

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This post was in collaboration with Smile Brilliant. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Relaxed Layers in Mid-Autumn

M o n d a y ,  O c t o b e r  3 0 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Cardigan // Tank // Olive Denim // Watch // Riding Boots are Old, New Version Here

I’ve had some serious writer’s block lately, and I want to say that it’s attributed to my “routine”. I wake up at 7:00am, get ready, walk Aubs, work 9:00-5:00, go to the gym, have dinner, watch some TV with my Dad and head to sleep. Things feel so “settled”, and to be honest I am loving every second of it! I really think I was made to be a post-grad fully functioning (well almost) adult. All I craved during college was a schedule where when I left work, I was basically checked out for the day. I despised coming home only to do hours of schoolwork.. plus getting paid to spend 8 hours a day somewhere instead of paying to be there isn’t too bad either 😉 . All of that to say, sorry if the text of my posts feel lack luster!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Emily from WhatEmWore came up to visit this weekend! Although we didn’t get to do everything we planned on (mainly due to inclement weather), we had a great weekend! The two of us got tons of shoots done, did some shopping, and watched Hocus Pocus on Saturday night! All in all, a great girls weekend. Another exciting thing to note is that the next time we see each other, we will be DISNEY BOUND! Woot!

Happy Monday lovelies.

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New Englander Through and Through

T h u r s d a y ,  O c t o b e r  2 6 t h ,  2 0 1 7



Herringbone Vest // White Long Sleeve // Blush Saddle Bag (on sale!) // Boots // Denim

There are truly few things that make me happier than fall in New England; I really can’t imagine experiencing autumn anywhere else! My friend Sveta and I spent a Saturday last weekend doing our favorite “fall” things. If you’re local, my favorite place to go apple picking is Belltown Orchards. It’s the cutest farm, with every kind of fruit imaginable (we always go here for blueberries, nectarines/peaches, and apples!) and the sweetest employees. They also have SO many apple varieties, my personal favorite will always be McIntosh, while Sveta prefers bitter Granny-Smith! They also take you to the orchards via tractor, which is really fun, especially if you have kids!

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Fringe Bags and Fall Days

T u e s d a y ,  O c to b e r  2 4 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Grey Striped Top // Leggings (worth every penny, I wear them SO often!) // Booties // Stila Lipstick in “Besso”‘ // Similar Bag

I know that this is said frequently; but I LOVE autumn. Layers and long sleeves are my BFF, but unfortunately we have been having such an odd fall. It’s been in the 70s for the most part, but thankfully 60 degree days have been creeping in! I’m seriously in love with chilly days.. I’m not just saying that either, I sleep with my windows open when it’s cold and love every second of it.

I’ve linked this lipstick over and over again; simply because it’s the best liquid lipstick out there! I have it in a few shades, and will never get enough. The color here is “Besso”!

Have a great Tuesday ladies!

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Pumpkin Patchin’

T h u r s d a y ,  O c t o b e r  1 9 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Similar Sweater // Faux Leather Leggings // Booties // Rayban Sunglasses // Bag

Morning ladies! If you haven’t noticed, I have been using my weekends to really enjoy fall as much as I can. I am a New England girl through and through, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the leaves slowly change and pumpkin patches cropping up locally.

I have owned these faux leather leggings for a year now, and I absolutely swear by them. Finding the right pair with my legs was a challenge; they either would not fit, were too baggy, or didn’t allow for any movement whatsoever. I am wearing a small and they fit perfectly while still being stretchy and comfortable, I highly recommend!

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