Timepiece Roundup: My Must Have Watches

T h u r s d a y ,  J a n u a r y  1 8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Jewelry Case // Gold Watch (White Face) // Gold Watch (Black Face) // Black Leather Watch

 Brown Leather Watch  // Two-Tone Watch // Wooden Watch

One thing that can always, always, pull together an outfit is a good watch. Bracelet stack needs a little oomph? Outfit doesn’t feel cohesive? Oversized sweater needs to be elevated? All of these ailments can be cured with the perfect timepiece (because a lackluster outfit can be equated to being sick, critical matters here).  The watches linked above are the ones you have seen me wear the most, whether it be Instagram or here on the blog! I will say I get the most use out of my gold ones, but love each and every one of these. I currently house them in this jewelry case from Marley Lilly, but can’t wait to use it for travel! Because I wear a watch almost daily, I wanted to create a post with all of my must have watches, linked in one spot.

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Styling Camo Pants

M o n d a y ,  J a n u r a r y  1 5 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Sweater // Camo Jeans // Flats (sold out, similar here) // Similar Handbag

Camo pants have been on my radar for years, yet just didn’t work for me. They never fit quite right, and I am a bit particular about the actual camo print itself. Cue these leopard-esque print camo pants from Lucky Brand. Picture fishing something out of a clearance rack that caught your eye. You love the item, and it just happens to be your exact size. You try it on, wince in front of the mirror, open your eyes… and then they fit perfectly?! I’m a being a smidge dramatic but that’s exactly what happened with these pants and I’m so happy for it! (Pant shopping is right up there with running on the list of things I dislike; I know it needs to be done but cringe through the whole process). In other words; if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect camo-print pant run to your nearest Lucky Brand and scoop these babies up!

P.S. If you were wondering yes, my feet were cold for this post. Numb actually. But I refuse to pass up any opportunity to shoot in the snow, it’s always worth it!

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Cozy Cafe Style

M o n d a y ,   J a n u a r y  8 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Sweater // Denim (fav pair of jeggings, so soft!) // iPhone Case // Booties (on sale!)

In case you didn’t know, I’m not a late-night-out-on-the-town kind of girl. I’m the girl who likes to wake up early(ish) on a Sunday, gather some of my favorite humans and discover new little coffee shops – even especially in the snow. A few weekends ago we visited G-Bakery in New Haven! It’s a cute little breakfast place – think tall ceilings, red booths, large windows and light & airy white walls. So. dang. cute. And totally Pinterest worthy, I might add 😉 .

You have probably seen this sweater all over Instagram lately, but it’s just too cute to pass up! It also felt good to style my new booties, which are now on sale here.

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Staying Warm on Campus

F r i d a y ,  J a n u a r y  5 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Black Quilted Coat // Leggings // Similar Beanie // Similar Convertible Mittens // Ugg Boots (exact color is sold out) // Crossbody Bag

One of the things I search for on Pinterest are “Cute Outfits with Uggs”. And guess what? Most of them are usually online flat-lay type things. Not helpful. Plus, I know almost every gal owns a pair of Uggs and has indeed styled them well, like Pinterest HOW do you not possess results for this?!

Because of this Pinterest fail, I decided to get some photos of a real-life outfit styling Uggs! I know SO many people still find them unattractive, but it’s currently 8 degrees out and we just got a foot of snow, Uggs are my friend. They got me through cold days on campus, so when I visited UConn last month my Uggs joined. In fact, everything you see above kept me warm on campus! The only thing that would be swapped out during actual college life is my Louis for a 50 pound backpack 😉 .

What are/were your on campus essentials??? I’d love to hear!

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Pearls Are Always Appropriate

W e d n e s d a y ,   J a n u a r y  3 r d ,  2 0 1 8

Pearl Detail Dress (c/o) // OTK Boots // Similar Bag // Chain Bracelet // Bracelet

Happy 2018 ladies! Thanks for sticking around while I’ve been a little MIA around here.. I did keep up with social media but allowed myself to really enjoy the holidays and took some time away from the blog. However, I did get this look shot over the holiday!

So this dress.. guys its $16. One. Six. I honestly didn’t know how the pearl trend would fair on me, but I think it’s really fun – especially for a night out! I know some people worry about sizing when they shop at Shein, but I ordered a small and it’s definitely true to size. The material is also similar to that of a t-shirt; I just wanted to note that because it’s comfortable but not as warm as a sweater dress!

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Seaside: An Annual Tradition

F r i d a y ,  D e c e m b e r  2 2 n d ,  2 0 1 7

Red Puffer Coat (on sale!) // Sorel Boots // Leggings // Similar Beanie

A few years ago my friend Natalia insisted that we take a trip to the beach in the winter to watch the sunset. We journeyed down to our favorite beach, wandered around, froze, and then moved back into the warmth of our cars to actually view the sunset. However, this little trip has become a tradition for us! There is something magical about the beach when it’s cold; I’m not sure if it’s the landscape or the lack of people, but this introvert will go with the latter 😉 .

We originally planned the trip around when I bought my car! I have never brought Aubrey to the beach and was dying to see her reaction – she hates the water but I think she would enjoy romping around and taking in all the sights and smells! However, my dad and I were able to register my car before I had a chance to order a trunk cover, so we ventured without the pup. One thing I have learned since that initial beach trip (and living in Connecticut) is what to wear when braving the cold. I purchased these boots and this coat last year, but they are both still currently available and oh so toasty!

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O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

T u e s d a y ,  D e c e m be r  1 9 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Trench Coat // Sweater // Leggings // Bean Boots // Socks // Bag // Stila in “Beso”

Christmas is less than a week away people.. and it’s actually making me a little sad. I look forward to this time of the year so much that I always get a bit sad as Christmas gets close. I just don’t want the season to end!

As a year-round Christmas lover, people are always surprised to find out that we don’t get a real Christmas tree. Growing up, my parents always did a fake tree, so it doesn’t bother me one bit! I remember one year my dad’s girlfriend (at the time) insisted that we get a real tree. I’ll never forget how annoyed my brother and I were with having to water it and constantly vacuum up all the needles #highmaintenance. Is it bad that the idea of a real tree freaks me out? I love that it smells like pine, looks gorgeous, and is authentic. But all I can think about are the spiders that could be brought in with it and that’s enough to make me cringe. However, real tree people, you-do-you, I’m proud that you brave eight legged beasts to celebrate the season.

My friend Svitlana and I spent a recent Sunday visiting Christmas tree farms. Both of our homes are fake-tree abodes, so it was nice to venture out and see them all!

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Feelin’ Festive

F r i d a y ,  D e c e m b e r  1 4 t h ,  2 0 1 7

Boyfriend Sweater // Denim // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Booties (linked are this year’s version) // Wooden Watch

I’m the girl that low-key wants to run around screaming GUYS IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME.. but has to reel it in and quietly murmur happy holidays. I can’t help it. Even if those around me seem stressed out over the holidays I maintain my composure on the outside but am rooting for the holiday season internally. Don’t want to stir the grinches. It’s risky. However, I have been styling my outfits lately to reflect the season! This Rebecca Minkoff bag  has seriously carried me through autumn and is so festive! I am also loving this sweater from Marley Lilly; it’s the coziest thing and oh-so oversized! Not to mention, a cute monogrammed sweater or a gorgeous wooden watch would make the perfect gift for anyone – ya know, just throwing it out there 😉 . You can still take 25% off your Jord watch purchase here.

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Gold Guide: My Must-Have Lipstick Picks

T u e s d a y ,  D e c e m b e r  1 2 t h ,  2 0 1 7

A lipstick guide has been requested  post by a bunch of readers, which means that I am so glad to share it with you all today! As much as She’s Glitter and Gold is currently a much-loved hobby for me, I always want to produce posts that you want to read. It truly is so much more fulfilling to put something together knowing that it will be helpful to others, which is why I’m so excited about this post! Let’s get started, shall we?

Although I am not a makeup guru by ANY stretch of the imagination, I do love my lipsticks. Day-to-day, my makeup routine is essentially the same, and I am not one to play around with new products frequently. When purchasing a product to add to my arsenal, I always do my research before finally investing in it. However, one item that I do change on a daily basis is my lipstick! This is not to say that I wear lipstick every day – every girls’ lips need a break. I just love to play around with different shades; lipstick has the power to change an entire outfit, and I’m on board with makeup that has that kind of power. I have tried so many brands, shades, and finishes, but have a handful that are tried and true. I wasn’t sure what the best way to break up this post was, but finally went with dividing each section by general hue. Scroll through by shade to see all my favs!

First up we have my two favorite berry-toned shades! Out of all today’s picks, this is probably the genre that I wear the least; however when I do wear it these are the only two lipsticks I use!

1) Model Co Lipstick in “Peony”

2) Colourpop in “More Better”

Pictured above is Model Co’s Peony!

Next up, we have nudes! These are honestly the hardest category to make recommendations on. It really varies by skin tone, as even some of the shades shown above can wash me out if I haven’t recently fake-tanned. Perla is a darker nude, Kitty is a pigmented nude, and Midi and Blankety are completely nude (at least for my skin tone, it depends!).

1) Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Perla”

2) Colourpop in “Midi”

3) MAC Lipstick in “Blankety”

4) Model Co Lipstick in “Kitty”

Pictured above is Stila “Perla”..

Also wearing “Perla” in the post above!

Pictured above is Model Co in “Kitty”.

You know how once you find the perfect red lip you don’t really let go? Nope, just me? Well.. that’s awkward. Anywho, that’s how I feel about these two red lipsticks! Literally my absolute holy grails. I don’t think I can describe the first one better than Sephora does; it really is a true red!

1) Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Beso”

2) LAQA & CO. Pencil in “Ring of Fire”

Pictured above is Stila in “Beso”.

Again, pictured above is Stila in “Beso”.

So I know most lipstick lovers would split their pinks up between bright and mellow, but out of my plethora of pink lipsticks (no girl needs this many shades of pink) these are the ones I reach for time and time again! The brightest one on the far left is Stila’s “Bella”, and is literally the perfect BRIGHT pink hue! The others decrease and become less pink, ending with Benefit’s “Lollibalm”, which is the perfect everyday lip color!

1) Stila Liquid Lipstick in “Bella”

2) Urban Decay Lipstick in “Double Team”

3) MAC Lipstick in “Snob”

4) Benefit’s “Lollibalm”

Pictured above is Benefit’s “Lollibalm”.

In this blog post is Stila in “Bella”.

Pictured above is MAC’s “Snob”.

PRO TIP: The best way to figure out which lipsticks will work best on you is to TRY THEM ON. I know, I know, three dreaded little words. However, Sephora, MAC, and Nordstrom all have a huge selection of lipsticks in store. What I tend to do is have a few shades in mind that I want to try. Whenever find myself at the mall (which is more often then I should openly admit), I will stop in one of these stores and swatch the shades on my hand.  I then will try my favorite on and wear it for the rest of the day. This gives you time to see the color on you for the rest of the day in varied lighting. If you love it by the end of the day, then it’s the shade for you! If not, then at least you tried and didn’t waste the money on it.

I hope this post was as informative and helpful as possible! Keep the requests rolling in ladies 🙂 .

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Sperry by the Sea Shore

F r i d a y ,  D e c e m b e r  8 t h ,  2 0 1 7


Similar Cable Knit Sweater // Leggings  // Bucket Bag (from the best place to get monogrammed anything!) // Sperry Boots // Socks // Coat  (on sale)

Ninety nine percent of the time, this is what I look like come winter. Leggings, a cozy sweater, boots, thick socks, and a coat… I have to say, I love it. Winter style is my fav because I just feel the most “me” in this attire! Although this blog is (mainly) focused on style, as a person who lives in a colder client, all of my winter items have to pull double duty and, you know, actually keep me warm while looking cute and cozy! I have owned this jacket for three years and it just might be my favorite! It’s the perfect weight as I wear it from fall to spring, and can just layer under it to keep me snug in the winter. This year’s version is almost exactly the same – not to mention on sale. These socks are also a New England essential; my friend from UConn recommended them and I don’t know how I ever went without!

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