Happy June Dolls: Here’s What I’ve Been Up to Lately

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Hello peeps, and happy first day of June! Time is just flyin’. Graduation feels like it was yesterday, but of course it was now three weeks ago. Craziness. Anywho, I just wanted to touch base and tell you all what’s been going on!

First things first, those who follow me on Insta and Snapchat (@aleconche) know that I spent a good two weeks after graduation extremely sick. It started with a sore throat the day after graduation, and I spent my first week post-grad cooped up at home with an on-and-off fever. Week two was filled with a horrid cough and sore throat, to the point where I wasn’t sleeping. In summary – it was a fabulous time but I am SO happy that I am back to normal now.

Now that June is upon us.. it means that I can finally dish a bit about my upcoming vacation! In a few weeks I’ll be headed to a tropical paradise with my momma, her boyfriend, and my brother. Because of that (and that minor setback of being ill for two weeks) I have been trying to get my butt to spin 3-4 times per week and doing weights prior to each class! Fingers crossed that between that and my attempt to eat as clean as possible will have me feeling prepped, but we shall see, it’s so much easier said than done!

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The final thing I wanted to share was regarding the job search department. For those who are going through this along with me, don’t get discouraged! I have heard back from a few companies and have an interview next week, so hopefully one of them works out! I am just trying to enjoy having time off before starting a full time job rather than beating myself up over it. Things will work out and I will be put where I need to be!

Hope all is well with you all! Thanks for spending some of your time here today, I appreciate it oh so much!

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