Strutting in Soho for New York Fashion Week

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Happy Monday ladies! Today was one of those days that I hit the snooze button more times than I care to admit.. although I am not super energized in the morning, I usually set my alarm 10-15 min earlier than I want to be up and moving and I get up diligently according to that. But this morning.. an hour later I rolled on out of bed. But hey we all have those mornings every now and again!

Today I wanted to share one of the two looks I wore to NYFW last weekend, as well as answer a few questions I’ve been asked about NYFW!

1) When is New York Fashion Week?

NYFW happens twice a year, once in September and once in February! The September shows consist of designers’ spring collections, while February consists of fall.

2) How many shows did you go to?

Emily, my mom and I only went to three shows total over the weekend. However we could have gone to more over the weekend and during the week! We all have work during the week so we were only able to make it for weekend shows. The three of us also wanted to have time to grab lunch and shop around, so we didn’t go to shows back to back!

3) Which designers did you see?

On Saturday night we saw Mac Duggal’s show; the venue was an old synagogue and it was BEAUTIFUL. The dresses he showed were gorgeous as well; think breathtaking, flowey, and oh so spring. On Sunday we saw Francesca Liberatore and Dan Liu; both shows were awesome but I have to say I was blown away by the Dan Liu show. The music was almost like beats mixed in with ocean sounds, think seagulls and waves! His designs looked more ready to wear while still being stunning and elegant, which I loved.

4) Where did you stay in the city?

Back in February Emily and I stayed at City Rooms Soho, however fall fashion week is MUCH more popular so hotel prices were a smidge out of our budget (and when I say a smidge, the price for the same room we stayed at in February was 3 times as much). Just want to be honest with you; the city is an expensive place to be, I tend to stay within my means when it comes to my budget. SO instead of staying in the city my mom and I stayed at Emily’s in Southern Connecticut for the night! We just took the train in both mornings and it worked out great! I say it often, but one thing I adore about Connecticut is the proximity to the city.

5) Where did you guys eat?!

Food is a priority guys, so I totally understand this question. My favorite of all the meal options is breakfast, so I was pretty happy when we brunched on both Saturday and Sunday. The two placed we went are The Smith Midtown and Two Hands; I highly recommend both!

If you’ve been to New York, what are some of your favorite things about the city?! Also let me know if anyone had any other specific questions about NYFW, I just answered a few of the general ones I’ve gotten!

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