Happy October

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Patagonia Vest // Plaid Button Down // Booties (on sale!) // Leggings // Rebecca Minkoff Micro Bag // Sunglasses

Did you expect anything less than pumpkins for my first October post? Because I didn’t. However, it was a bit of a stretch to make it happen. On Friday after work, my friend Svitlana (sometimes I call her Sveta, promise it’s the same person) and I had decided we were going to do “fall things”. We were so set on going  to pick apples and pumpkins, that we didn’t think to look at the hours. The orchard closed at 5:00, I got out of work at 5:00. We drove there anyway hoping we could find something in the area that was open later. The only place was a cute little farm stand, which we promptly pulled into to take pictures. We got some done before we lost too much light (at this point it was after 6:00 and the sun in New England has been setting around 6:30). The poor kid that was working there literally closed up the farm stand around us, but he was so sweet and said he didn’t mind!

Anywho, Happy October, I hope that you guys enjoy the pumpkins! 😉

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