Gold Guide: Gearing up for the Holidays with Jord

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Jord Cassia Watch // Buffalo Check Flannel // Leggings // Duck Boots

It’s no secret that the holidays are my FAVORITE. I actively listen to Christmas music year round, wish for snow in July and always have this season on my mind. Being my Type-A/list loving self, I usually maintain gift idea lists year round. These lists usually aren’t general ideas either – they are bulleted and organized by person. If a potential gift comes up in conversation or when I am lost in thought, it immediately gets jotted down. Now that we are halfway through November, gifting (well for now, shopping) season is in full swing, and it’s safe socially acceptable to talk gift ideas!

After stumbling upon Jord watches while browsing through Instagram, I personally fell in love. The idea of a wooden watch is so different and yet looks so classic.  Jord’s newly launched Cassia watch is my personal favorite; The particular watch shown above is made of Zebrawood, and the gold metal mixed throughout the wooden bands completely sold me. (Some of you may not know, but I spent three weeks in Africa during my Junior year of college and it holds such a special place in my heart. Just knowing that this gorgeous light colored wood is sourced from such a sentimental location makes me beam!). The best part about these unique watches? They come in both men’s and women’s styles in all different sizes, stains, and metal combinations, which makes them suitable for anyone on your holiday list. After all, ’tis the season!

I also (of course!) have a coupon code for you all! Click here to get 25% off your entire purchase from Jord!

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