Seaside: An Annual Tradition

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Red Puffer Coat (on sale!) // Sorel Boots // Leggings // Similar Beanie

A few years ago my friend Natalia insisted that we take a trip to the beach in the winter to watch the sunset. We journeyed down to our favorite beach, wandered around, froze, and then moved back into the warmth of our cars to actually view the sunset. However, this little trip has become a tradition for us! There is something magical about the beach when it’s cold; I’m not sure if it’s the landscape or the lack of people, but this introvert will go with the latter 😉 .

We originally planned the trip around when I bought my car! I have never brought Aubrey to the beach and was dying to see her reaction – she hates the water but I think she would enjoy romping around and taking in all the sights and smells! However, my dad and I were able to register my car before I had a chance to order a trunk cover, so we ventured without the pup. One thing I have learned since that initial beach trip (and living in Connecticut) is what to wear when braving the cold. I purchased these boots and this coat last year, but they are both still currently available and oh so toasty!

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